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City Description

Located in the Great Central Valley, Sacramento, CA, is the state capital and nicknamed the City of Trees. Situated at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, this city provides easy access to many other delightful attractions. San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite are all close by! The climate in Sacramento ranges from mild winters to gorgeous springs, hot summers, and amazing falls with trees of many colors. The Mercy Volunteers live in a Victorian era home in Midtown, Sacramento, which is close to the service sites, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and the capital. Public transportation is available and biking is also a very popular mode of transportation.

Housing: house
Transportation: public and bikes
Number of Volunteers: 4

Service Site Descriptions

Clean & Sober

Mission: Clean & Sober communities provide homeless and disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to attempt and achieve sobriety by offering a path to recovery through long-term residential housing in a clean and sober support community.

Clean & Sober provides resources to homeless individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse, including 12 step meetings, a walk-in office for assessments and referrals, housing at two residential communities, and assistance with placement in longer-term transitional housing. Residents have been homeless or incarcerated, but learn to live in sobriety and eventually re-enter society as productive, contributing members.  A volunteer is needed as a resident support coordinator, providing intakes, accompanying guest to appointments, offering support, mentoring, creating a bi-monthly newsletter and securing in-kind donations.

Site Details


Skills: Social Work.  Intake Coordination, Mentoring and Sobriety Support, Activities Coordination

Cottage Housing

Mission: Cottage Housing offers safe and affordable housing to homeless individuals and families and equips its participants with the tools and life skills necessary to rebuild their lives, their families and their place in the community.

Cottage Housing Inc. has established a unique, home-grown solution  to Sacramento’s homeless dilemma, by managing two healing residential communities – Quinn Cottages, primarily for single adults, and Serna Village, a large family facility. The staff of personal development coaches, counsel and assist program participants in their personal development, including confronting drug and alcohol addictions, behaviors management, job training and applications, education, family reunification, personal finance and other skills required to move to self-sustainability. A volunteer is needed to serve at Quinn Cottages as a personal development coach, encouraging participants to accomplish personal goals and life skills. The volunteer will also develop an in-kind drive program to benefit the program’s needs.


Skills: Social Work. Personal Development and Life Skills Coach, Education and Behavioral Management, Homeless Outreach

Sacramento Loaves & Fishes

Mission: In an environment of welcome, hospitality, safety and cleanliness, we seek to provide an oasis for homeless men, women, and children seeking survival services.

Loaves & Fishes serves those who are poor and homeless in the Sacramento community by offering 14 main programs (Dining Room, Friendship Park, Jail Visitation, etc.). A volunteer is needed to serve at Maryhouse, a daytime hospitality and resource center for homeless women and children, offering individual case management, information and referrals, assistance in securing emergency housing, mail services, and assistance in basic hygiene and food necessities.

A second volunteer is needed to serve in Friendship Park helping staff and other volunteers provide survival services to the very poor and homeless of Sacramento, meeting needs both physical and spiritual. Duties would include but not be limited to handing out lunch tickets and shower appointments and disseminating information from the service center, interacting with guests in the park ascertaining and responding to personal needs and participating in special activities such as free raffles, talent shows, etc.


Skills: Social Work, Case Management, Life Skills Coach, Hospitality, Relationship Builder, Emergency Services

Mercy Housing California

Mission: To create stable, vibrant and healthy communities by developing, financing and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities.

Mercy Housing provides programs which focus on the design, construction, rehabilitation, and management of affordable housing for low- and very low-income families, seniors, and individuals with special needs. Residents need assistance in accessing mainstream resources, maintaining housing stability, and achieving personal goals. A volunteer is needed as a resident services coordinator for the ArdenAire property, facilitating and implementing programs that will address residents’ needs, engaging community partners to assist in meeting these needs, and advocating for residents.



Ministry: Supportive Housing
Skills: Social Work, Case Management for Low-Income Residents, Relationship Builder, Hospitality, and Activity Coordinator