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Cultivating Bonds: Lessons in Nature & Life at MEC

(pictured left to right: Mercy Volunteers Janice, Patrick, and Kasey)

There have been many enriching experiences since beginning the short-term placement at MEC. First, the volunteers, staff, and I have all bonded quickly in friendship and respect. The farm at MEC is a gem, a very special place. Each of us find ways to get involved in the care and upkeep of the land, gardens, and animals. It may be through a small chore, or some major team project that is assigned to us. We care deeply for the land and want to share it with our guest retreatants and visitors. -Patrick Cahill

Growth …one can’t help but notice it as you look at the nature that surrounds us here. Every day the plants sprout up a little more reaching to be kissed by the sunshine. Plants need nourishment to survive , people need growth to live fully. To live a life without learning new possibilities is to remain stagnant, therefore growth cannot occur. Once one steps out of their comfort zone new happenings unfold. Life is an ongoing process to happiness; so love much, be kind, and remember to laugh. -Janice Czikowsky

Patrick Cahill & Janice Czikowsky: Benson, Vermont

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