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Shared Joy: The Power of Play in Connecting Across Cultures

Interacting with the children—whether in the respite center in Mexico, in McAllen, or at the ARISE center in Muniz—demonstrated that love is a universal language. Despite language barriers, the children understood our gestures of friendship and fun, and they responded with joy. Play serves as a great equalizer; regardless of our backgrounds, when we come together to play, we celebrate our shared humanity.

The educational presentations provided by ARISE were enriching for both the children and the volunteers. One presentation on nutrition was particularly impactful. It resonated so much that a child later asked a staff member if she knew the sugar content in her drink, having just learned about its negative effects.

Experiencing immigration from the perspectives of ARISE staff, respite center staff, and border patrol officers offered a comprehensive view of the issue. Additionally, lunch with Señora Teresa provided a firsthand account of how faith and perseverance can help one navigate the challenges of crossing the border.

Eunice: Alamo, Texas

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