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Every year, Mercy Volunteer Corps hosts a Transition Retreat for current Mercy Volunteers as a way to process their service year and stay connected to the Mercy community. MVC is grateful to the many of you who have walked with this year’s Mercy Volunteers and would like to provide an opportunity for you to say farewell.

To leave a message for this year’s Mercy Volunteers, please type in the box provided below and click the button “Post Comment”.

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  1. Thank you so much for being such a giving Mercy presence in your ministry. We certainly see the value in this program and knowing how many people’s lives you have touched has to be very rewarding for you. Blessings on your next venture.

  2. I have been praying for Katrina Thaibinh this year and will continue to do so this year as she continues in Baltimore! All are included in general in my prayers.
    In Mercy, Sister Edna 🌻🇺🇦🌻

  3. God came to my house and asked for charity.
    And I fell on my knees and
    cried, “Beloved,
    what may I give?”

    “Just love,” He said.
    “Just love.”

    -St. Francis of Assisi, trans. by Daniel Ladinsky, Love Poems from God
    So grateful for love you have all extended….

  4. Congratulations to our daughter Marne as she completes her 2nd consecutive Mercy Volunteer year! You’re a beautiful person inside and out and when we grow up, we wanna be just like you!
    Congratulations to all of the 2022 MVC volunteers and thank you all for giving of yourselves in a time when the world appears to be such a crazy place. It’s a comfort to know there are still truly good people like you who truly to care for others. Bless you all!

  5. Thinking of each of you, as I so often do, ( at least once a day ) ,
    . . . with a smile, a prayer and thanks to God for your generosity and service in the name of Mercy.

  6. Just a note of Gratitude for all you have been and done in the name of Mercy. What a Gift you have been to each other and to all those whom you have come in contact during the past year. My prayers for you as you continue your Journey of Life with all the memories of the past year/s. Blessings, S. Regina.

  7. The legacy of Mercy that you leave behind in Savannah will forever impact the lives that have crossed your path. Patients seeking help in our SJ/C ED Medical Home, Patients seeking help at SJ/C St. Mary’s Health Clinic and the patients in need of your help at the SJ/C Good Samaritan Clinic all collectively thank you. We your coworkers and friends in Mercy also thank you for your gift of SELF. No greater gift have you that to spend time in solidarity with those often at the ‘edges’ of society.
    You path brought you to Savannah and as the grains of sand tickled your toes and you left footprints on the beach, so have you left footprints in our memories of times with you.
    Remember your community members. They are your forever friends now (and will hold those secrets as promised…what happened in Savannah stays in Savannah.!)
    Remember the lessons you learned that is is not expensive things that bring joy but the gift of self, talking with someone, being with someone, walking beside them on the journey.
    Catherine would be so proud of your service. We pray that Mercy be infused into your new paths and adventures. May your compass always be centered in Mercy.
    Thank you.

  8. You have my deep admiration and gratitude for your generous service. You inspire all who realize the gift you have given of your time and talent. May you continue to reflect on the life lessons your year revealed for years to come.

  9. Dear Mercy Volunteers,

    Congratulations and thank you for your time of service to Mercy! I’m sure it was quite an experience!
    If you ever want to extend your calling to Mercy and look into Mercy Association, send me a note at
    I can connect you wherever you are. We who are Associates of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas are more than 3,000 proud!

    Grateful for how you carried the mission of Mercy forward in your unique way,

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