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ABOUT US STATEMENT: Mercy Volunteer Corps promotes social change by placing and supporting volunteers for one year of service with people who are poor and marginalized in the United States and South America. Mercy Volunteers work in education, healthcare, and social services while living together in community and growing spiritually.

MISSION STATEMENT: In partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, members of Mercy Volunteer Corps (MVC) enter into relationship with people who are economically poor and marginalized. In a spirit of mutuality, volunteers cultivate mercy and justice in the world by embracing compassionate service, social justice, spirituality, and a simple lifestyle in community.

VISION STATEMENT: Rooted in the spirit of the Scriptures and Catherine McAuley and challenged by the needs of a hurting world, Mercy Volunteer Corps, committed to achieving a more merciful and just world, invites volunteers to join with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas to:

• expand the boundaries of service with those who are economically poor and socially marginalized;
• encourage interculturality within the Mercy Volunteer Corps community and among the people served;
• participate in building community through intentional relationships with people experiencing marginalization and those working towards a more just society;
• embrace the growth inherent in the conversion process of acting in solidarity with economically poor or marginalized people;
• integrate the learned values of service, community, and prayer into their life experience; and
• develop new relationships with the Mercy community throughout and beyond their service year(s).


Called by God, the Mercy Volunteer Corps staff, board members, and volunteers commit to the values of compassionate service, social justice, a simple lifestyle in community, and spiritual growth. The mission of Mercy Volunteer Corps is rooted in the Christian tradition and inspired by Catherine McAuley’s commitment to following Jesus through compassionate service. In partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Mercy Volunteer Corps is dedicated to connecting volunteers with people who are economically poor or marginalized. Committed to this mission of mercy, we seek to respond as a community to the tremendous disparities of wealth and power in our world.

We seek to model service that is characterized by accompaniment, mutuality, and respect. We strive to respect the life and dignity of each person with whom we live, serve, and pray, ever conscious of God’s presence in all of creation. In our service, community, and prayer, we reach out in love and mercy and learn to receive love and mercy from others. Opening ourselves to God’s transforming grace, we hope to be instruments of peace and agents of change in the world.

“To connect the rich to the poor, the healthy to the sick, the educated and the skilled to the uninstructed, the influential to those forgotten, and the powerful to the weak…to do the work of God on Earth.” ~Catherine McAuley

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