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City Description

Located in the Great Central Valley, Sacramento is the state capital and nicknamed the City of Trees. Situated at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, this city provides easy access to many other delightful attractions. San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite are all close by! The climate in Sacramento ranges from mild winters to gorgeous springs, hot summers, and amazing falls with trees of many colors. The Mercy Volunteers live in a Victorian era home in Midtown, Sacramento, which is close to the service sites, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and the capital. Public transportation is available and biking is also a very popular mode of transportation.

Housing: house
Transportation: public and bikes
Number of Volunteers: 5

Service Site Descriptions

Cottage Housing

Mission: To develop healing communities that are solution-focused, participant-driven and strength-based, where homeless people help themselves – and each other – through their transition from the streets to self-sustainability.

Cottage Housing has established a unique, home-grown solution to Sacramento’s homeless dilemma by managing two healing residential communities – Quinn Cottages, primarily for single adults and Serna Village, a large family facility. They offer a multitude of services and programs such as counseling, financial literacy instruction, access to employment information and skill building workshops, nutrition and healthy eating education parenting classes, and recovery groups. Their offerings are based on an innovative approach to intervention and following a method that is participation-driven, solution-focused and strength-based. A volunteer is needed to serve as a personal development coach, fostering relationships with and assisting the residents in setting and implementing personal goals and implementing workshops directed to the needs of the Cottage Housing community.

Site Details

Skills: Social Work. Personal Development and Life Skills Coach, Education and Behavioral Management, Homeless Outreach

Cristo Rey Sacramento

Mission: Mission: To transform lives by providing a Catholic, college preparatory education and professional work experience to high school students with limited financial resources.

Cristo Rey High School is situated on an eight acre campus just east of downtown Sacramento and serves students in grades 9-12. All families must demonstrate that they are low income to be considered for admission to the school. Most students will be first generation college students with approximately 95% of students identifying as Hispanic. A volunteer is needed as an assistant support coordinator for academics, campus ministry, and enrollment. The volunteer will provide tutoring and guidance to students, assist the campus minister with implementation of retreats and programming, provide enrollment assistance, and support staff in additional parts of the school (work study, counseling, and academics).

Skills: Education, Campus Ministry, Academic Support, Student Services

Hope Cooperative

Mission: To transform the lives of those living with mental health challenges, substance use disorders, and homelessness by supporting their independence, promoting their housing stability, and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

Hope Cooperative has been providing behavioral health and supportive housing services for people with mental health challenges for over 41 years in Sacramento County. As a client-driven organization, it is dedicated to the independence and empowerment of individuals with psychiatric disabilities and co-occurring substance use disorders including those experiencing homelessness. Two volunteers are needed to serve as wellness center associates. The wellness center makes a critical difference by providing a space where members can engage in positive activities, rather than activities that could jeopardize their sobriety and stable mental health, possibly leading to incarceration or hospitalization. The responsibilities of the volunteers include planning and implementing activities, client support, and advocacy for clients seeking resources and support.

Skills: Social Services, Mental Health, Advocacy, Interpersonal Skills, Activities Coordinator

Sacramento Loaves & Fishes

Mission: To provide an oasis for homeless men, women, and children seeking survival services in an environment of welcome, hospitality, safety and cleanliness.

Sacramento Loaves & Fishes offers 16 programs and services to people experiencing homelessness in the community. Loaves & Fishes recognizes the dignity and spiritual destiny of each person with the hope that through their attitude of radical love, they can nourish not just the physical needs of those who seek services, but also their human need for acceptance, respect, and friendship. A volunteer is needed to serve at Maryhouse, a daytime hospitality and resource center for homeless women and children, offering individual case management, assistance in securing emergency housing, mail services, and assistance in basic hygiene and food necessities. A second volunteer is needed to serve as the service center coordinator at Friendship Park, including visiting with the guests, assessing needs, distributing meal tickets, and coordinating access to survival supplies.

Skills: Social Work, Case Management, Life Skills Coach, Hospitality, Relationship Builder, Emergency Services


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