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City Description

Savannah, Georgia is a charming, southern city located on the Georgia coast. With a pedestrian-friendly layout and innovative urban design, Savannah has many visitors all year. In addition to the quaint cobblestone streets, this city provides a temperate climate and diverse attractions. Savannah is within 30 minutes of scenic Tybee Island, located on the Atlantic Ocean, but you don’t need to travel that far to enjoy a waterfront trail! The Sisters of Mercy have ministered in Savannah since 1845 and sponsor healthcare facilities, various outreach agencies, and a high school. Volunteers live together in a furnished house in a residential neighborhood and have use of 2 community cars.

Housing: house
Transportation: 2 cars
Number of Volunteers: 4

Service Site Descriptions

The Good Samaritan Clinic

Mission: To provide a free, primary medical home to uninsured, impoverished individuals and to assist in bridging socioeconomic disparities

The Good Samaritan Clinic provides free primary medical care to uninsured adults in a welcoming and compassionate setting. In addition to primary care visits, the clinic offers preventative health screenings, referrals to specialty physicians or for specialty procedures, health education, and English classes for Spanish speakers.  The clinic serves uninsured adults who fall greater than 200% below federal poverty guidelines.  A volunteer is needed as a medical assistant, initiating patient intake process, utilizing electronic medical record for documentation, assisting with translation, and placing follow-up phone calls to patients. Conversational Spanish is required.

Site Details

Skills: Healthcare, Medical Assistant, Emergency Medical Services, Nurse, Spanish Speaking Ability

St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System SOURCE Program

Mission: Rooted in God’s love, to treat illness and promote wellness for all people.

St. Joseph’s/Candler SOURCE (Service Options Using Resources in Community Environments) Program seeks to positively impact the lives of older adults and younger people with disabilities through enhanced case management, support services, and primary medical care. SOURCE helps its members maintain good health and functional independence and avoid potential institutionalized care. A volunteer is needed as a community outreach worker, providing companionship to the members and fostering social connections for the member in the community.

Skills: Social Services, Community Outreach, Disabled and Elderly Care, Networking

St. Mary’s Community Center

Mission: To accompany those of low income to better their quality of life.

St. Mary’s Community Center provides a pre-school for children; workforce development classes and public benefits counseling for adults; and food assistance and social opportunities for senior citizens. The center also hosts a monthly eye clinic. A volunteer is needed as a program assistant, assisting clients in completing applications for public benefits, assisting the lead teacher in the preschool, organizing the monthly eye clinic, and distributing food and planning social activities for seniors.

Skills: Social Services, Community Outreach, Emergency Assistance, Public Benefits

St. Mary’s Health Center

Mission: To provide access to quality, compassionate healthcare to those who are uninsured and of low income and to better their quality of life

St. Mary’s Health Center provides free primary health care and free access to labs, radiology, diagnostic testing, health education, cancer prevention screenings and inpatient hospitalization through St. Joseph’s/Candler health system. The clinic serves uninsured adults who fall greater than 200% below federal poverty guidelines. It is staffed mostly by nurse practitioners. A volunteer is needed in a clinical (nurse) or non-clinical role (patient advocate). A nurse would triage patients, administer injections, perform new patient assessments, and document care in the electronic medical record. A patient advocate would schedule appointments, maintain electronic medical records, assist with new patient orientation and develop a quality improvement project focused on chronic illness (hypertension, diabetes, depression).

Skills: Health Care, Nurse, Patient Advocacy, Chronic Illness Management