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City Description

Situated on rolling hills on the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati offers big-city attractions with the small-town flavor of street fairs, festivals, and open markets. You’ll find lots to do in the city’s extensive park system, award-winning museums, top-rated public library system, world-class arts attractions as well as professional and college sports venues. The volunteer community lives in a 3-story brick home with a front porch balcony in the Norwood neighborhood, within walking distance of one of the service sites and Xavier University.

Housing: house
Transportation: 2 cars
Number of Volunteers: 4

Service Site Descriptions

Bon Secours Mercy Health

Mission: To extend the compassionate ministry of Jesus by improving the health and well-being of our communities and bring good help to those in need, especially people who are poor, dying and underserved.

Embracing its mission to serve those at the margins, Bon Secours Mercy Health is the largest provider of Medicaid services in Ohio, with 6 hospitals and 80 network locations in the Cincinnati area. With over 90% of its care directed to outpatients, two positions are offered to address the needs of this population. A volunteer is needed as a spiritual care assistant, responding to provider referrals and making follow up calls to assess the needs of outpatients as well as assisting with outreach programs of the hospital. A second volunteer is needed as an advance care planning support specialist, educating patients about advance care planning (ACP) as well as reviewing and responding to patient ACP requests in the electronic portal. Thorough orientation and training will be provided for both positions.

Site Details

Skills: Healthcare, Pastoral Care, Hospitality, Counseling

Ignite Peace

Mission: To educate and advocate for peace, challenge unjust systems, and promote the creation of a nonviolent society.

Ignite Peace is an education and advocacy organization that focuses on four core issues – death penalty, immigration, anti-racism and nonviolence. Ignite Peace initiates dialogues, speaker panels and committee meetings as well as provides education and advocacy opportunities to local school groups, churches, and community members. The volunteer will be a Louise Akers Fellow. The volunteer will participate in peace and non-violence practices through training as well as facilitate education sessions on non-violence and anti-racism. They will also research and design informational materials on the core issues; plan events, programs, rallies, and prayer services; and engage in grassroots organizing with various collaborating groups.

Skills: Education, Advocacy, Event Organizer, Research, Team-Oriented

Lydia’s House

Mission: To provide safe, stable, and supportive housing for women and children in crisis.

Lydia’s House offers support to single mothers (ages 18-30) experiencing housing instability to connect them to housing; pertinent documents and government services; meaningful educational or employment opportunities; and a supportive community of women to help them walk through difficult times. Accompaniment and community are at the heart of this ministry. The volunteer will serve as an advocate by welcoming and orienting new guests; accompanying guests to various appointments and helping them navigate governmental systems; providing child enrichment activities; and maintaining the household by assisting with cleaning and cooking.

Skills: Social Services, Hospitality, Relationship Builder, Advocacy

St. Boniface School

Mission: To be a faith community grounded in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and committed to the education of all of its children.

St. Boniface School is an elementary school and belongs to the urban school structure of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The school serves about 200 students from various ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, with 95% of the families at or below the national poverty level. A volunteer is needed as an intermediate team classroom aide (grades 3-5) and afterschool program coordinator. The volunteer will support the teachers’ needs in the classroom with preparation of lessons and materials; engage in one-on-one and small group instruction; oversee student participation in afterschool clubs; and provide supervision on the playground and at lunch.

Skills: Elementary Education, Tutor, Activities Coordinator


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