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City Description

Situated on rolling hills on the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati offers big-city attractions with the small-town flavor of street fairs, festivals, and open markets. You’ll find lots to do in the city’s extensive park system, award-winning museums, top-rated public library system, world-class arts attractions as well as professional and college sports venues. Cincinnati’s German heritage is alive in its microbreweries and historic architecture. The city’s greatest asset is its people – friendly and welcoming! Despite these riches, inequality and poverty persist. The Mercy community strives to address these social ills in traditional and innovative ways.

Housing: House
Transportation: 2 cars
Number of Volunteers: 4

Service Site Descriptions

Bon Secours Mercy Health

Mission: To extend the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our communities with emphasis on people who are poor and underserved.

With 6 hospitals and more than 80 network locations throughout Cincinnati, Bon Secours Mercy Health has been serving the community for more than 160 years. Embracing its mission to serve those at the margins, Bon Secours Mercy Health is the largest provider of Medicaid services in the state of Ohio. A volunteer is needed as a spiritual care assistant for Bon Secours Mercy Health Hospital Anderson. The volunteer will assist with spiritual care assessments and referrals, triage phone calls from ambulatory patients, maintain patient charts, assist with advance directive resources and workshops, and support projects lending aid to those in the community. Thorough orientation and training will be provided.

Site Details

Skills: Pastoral Care, Hospitality, Counseling

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

Mission: To educate and advocate for peace, challenge unjust local, national and global systems, and promote the creation of a non-violent society.

Founded by 5 women religious communities in 1985, IJPC educates and advocates on four core issues – abolition of the death penalty, human trafficking, comprehensive immigration reform, and peace and non-violence. The center coordinates speaker panels, core issue committees, and community dialogues as well as provides opportunities for education and advocacy to school groups, churches, and community members. This volunteer will be the first Louise Akers Fellow. The volunteer fellow will assist in creating and leading a certificate in peace promotion for the residents of Greater Cincinnati. They will also research and design educational materials on the core issues; plan events, programs, rallies, and prayer services; and interface with various collaborating groups.

Skills: Education, Advocacy, Event Organizer, Research, Team-Oriented

Lydia’s House

Mission: To provide safe, stable, and supportive housing for women and children in crisis.

Lydia’s House offers support to single mothers (ages 18-30) experiencing housing instability to connect them to housing, pertinent documents, and government services, meaningful educational or employment opportunities, and a supportive community of women to help them walk through difficult times. Accompaniment is the heart of this site. The volunteer will serve as an advocate by engaging in homemaking, community building, and advocating for women and children experiencing housing crises. The volunteer will welcome and orient new guests, maintain two households by assisting with cleaning and cooking, accompany guests to various appointments, and plan advocacy efforts and special events.

Skills: Social Services, Hospitality, Relationship Builder, Advocacy

Mercy Neighborhood Ministries/ Purcell Marian High School

Mission: To promote the empowerment of individuals with a special focus on disadvantaged women and seniors through proved programs that educate, foster self-sufficiency, and support an enhanced quality of life.

Mercy Neighborhood Ministries offers various programs to support and empower individuals at the margins of society including charitable home care and senior services, home care aide training and employment, and adult education and job readiness courses. A volunteer is needed as a senior services program assistant (Mon-Wed). Such duties would include accepting and stocking items for the food pantry and accompanying clients while shopping, welcoming seniors in the hospitality room and hosting monthly celebrations, and delivering groceries to those who are homebound. The volunteer will have the opportunity to serve at another site on campus, Purcell Marian High School. Founded on the faithful charisms of The Marianists, Purcell Marian is concentrated on inclusiveness and preparing graduates for post-secondary professional opportunities in our ever-changing world through Career Initiatives Program and International Baccalaureate Diploma. The volunteer will assist with administrative tasks and campus ministry and college/career department initiatives as well as provide support to students through tutoring and lunch duty (Thu-Fri).

Skills: Social Services, Social Work, Gerontology, Secondary Education, Supportive Services, Campus Ministry

St. Boniface School

Mission: To bring our students closer to Christ and to develop in our students personal growth in academic excellence.

St. Boniface School is a Roman Catholic elementary school and belongs to the urban school structure of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The school serves 200 students from various ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, with 94% of the families at or below the national poverty level. A volunteer is needed as a tutor and student supervisor. The volunteer will provide academic support to students struggling in reading and math in individual and small group settings. The volunteer will also help to provide supervision at lunch and on the playground as well as coordinate after-school activities and school-wide celebrations. Ultimately, the gifts and expertise of the volunteer will help fashion the most interesting and rewarding experience.

Skills: Elementary Education, Support Services, Activities Coordinator


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