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Sponsoring Site Selection Process

Mercy Volunteer Corps chooses a service site based on several factors:

  • the resonance of its mission with the Direction Statement of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and the Mercy Volunteer Corps Theology of Mission;
  • the formative experience, support, and supervision the site can offer a volunteer;
  • its commitment to advocacy and systemic change; and
  • the financial and personnel needs of the service site.

When placing volunteers, MVC gives priority to sites that:

  • are located in an area where a cluster of sites and volunteer placement opportunities will allow for a community of at least four persons;
  • are connected with the Sisters of Mercy (by direct sponsorship or by the presence of a Sister of Mercy, Mercy Associate or Companion in Mercy on the staff or board)*;
  • provide direct service and/or advocacy to people who are economically poor or marginalized.

*While Mercy Volunteer Corps gives priority to sites connected to the Sisters of Mercy, MVC extends to sites not specifically identified with the Sisters of Mercy when possible. Proximity to a Mercy connection (i.e., Sister of Mercy, Mercy Associate, Companion in Mercy, co-minister, or MVC Alum) within the geographic area of a site is preferred for site feasibility and the ongoing development of volunteers.

Service Site Application Process

The MVC Site Application Process designates sites in three categories: new service site; non-active service site; and active service site.

New and Non-Active Site Requests

Any service organization that has not been previously designated as a Mercy Volunteer Corps service site is a new service site. A non-active service site is one that has been previously designated as a Mercy Volunteer Corps service site in the past five years but has not been operational for a period of one to five years.

To apply, new and non-active sites should:

  • contact the Mercy Volunteer Corps main office as soon as possible for a site application;
  • review the most recent Mercy Volunteer Corps Handbook;
  • submit the completed application and include brochures, press clips, medical and volunteer liability insurance information, and other materials that will help Mercy Volunteer Corps to know the organization better; and
  • upon review of the site application, the Mercy Volunteer Corps main office will arrange a site visit from a member of the Mercy Volunteer Corps staff, if the site is deemed a potential good fit for the program.

Active Site Requests

An active service site is one that has been designated as a Mercy Volunteer Corps service site and has remained operational on a continual basis without interruption of service. Active sites must apply for renewal each year. Site applications will be e-mailed to each active site by the end of October. All applications must be received in the MVC main office by December 2nd to be considered for the following service year.

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