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Mercy Volunteer Corps chooses a service site based on several factors:

  • the resonance of its mission with the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and the MVC Theology of Mission;
  • the formative experience, support, and supervision the site can offer a volunteer;
  • its commitment to advocacy and systemic change; and
  • the financial and personnel needs of the service site.

When placing volunteers, MVC gives priority to sites that:

  • are located in an area where a cluster of sites and volunteer placement opportunities will allow for a community of at least four persons;
  • are connected with the Sisters of Mercy (by direct sponsorship or by the presence of a Sister of Mercy, Mercy Associate or Companion in Mercy)*;
  • provide direct service and/or advocacy to people who are economically poor or marginalized.
  • possess minimal financial and personnel resources to meet their need(s); and,
  • demonstrate that the volunteer’s role in the site does not deprive a local person from being hired into a salaried position.

*While Mercy Volunteer Corps gives priority to sites connected to the Sisters of Mercy, MVC extends to sites not specifically identified with the Sisters of Mercy when possible. Proximity to a Mercy connection (i.e., Sister of Mercy, Mercy Associate, Companion in Mercy, co-minister, or MVC Alum) within the geographic area of a site is preferred for site feasibility and the ongoing development of volunteers.


New Site Requests

To apply, new sites should:

  • contact the MVC Program Director at for a site application;
  • review the most recent Mercy Volunteer Corps Handbook;
  • submit the completed application and include brochures, press clips, medical and volunteer liability insurance information, and other materials that will help Mercy Volunteer Corps to know the organization better; and
  • upon review of the site application, the Mercy Volunteer Corps main office will arrange a site visit from a member of the Mercy Volunteer Corps staff, if the site is deemed a potentially good fit for the program.

Active Site Requests

Active sites must apply for renewal each year. Site applications will be e-mailed to each active site in early November. All applications must be received by the Community Coordinator by December 1 to be considered for the following service year.

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