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As the season of Lent begins, we hope you will take this time to reconnect with Mercy Volunteer Corps and our core values.  Mercy Volunteer Corps mailed a Lenten Calendar to all alumni in the hope that it will inspire you to reconnect with the values from your service year(s); community, simple living, spirituality, service and social justice, and Mercy. On this webpage, you will find all readings, resources, and links to external media you may need to complete your daily challenge!

If you did not receive a calendar and would like to participate in this challenge please email our Communication Specialist, Elizabeth at Elizabeth will mail out any extra copies. In the event we are unable to send you a printed copy of the calendar, please download the electronic version here: Lenten Challenge Calendar.

Resources For Lent

Read The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Read The United Nation’s The Lazy Person’s Guide To Saving The World

Read Faith by Patrick Overton:
“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.”

Watch Brene Brown’s TED Talk

Reflect on the Sister’s of Mercy’s Critical Concerns


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