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Application For Mercy Volunteer Corps

MVC accepts applications on a rolling basis, with priority given to applications received by January 22. The final deadline for international placement and preferred deadline for U.S. placement is March 22. The final deadline for U.S. placement is June 22. Submit your application early for priority in selecting your service site and city!

The one-year, full-time commitment begins August 6, 2024. Volunteers serving in Guyana also attend cross-cultural training held online in late July.

While completing your application, please click “save and continue later” at the bottom of this form to maintain your progress. This form will not automatically save so be sure to click the button. Keep in mind, each "save and continue" link will only save that specific session.

If you have any questions about the application or would prefer to fill out the application as a Word document, please email Keri at

  • Personal Information

  • Language

  • Family

  • Placement Information

  • Service Interests

    Please check all that apply.
  • Commitment

  • The one-year, full-time commitment begins August 6, 2024 for the 2024-2025 volunteer year. Volunteers serving in Guyana also attend cross-cultural training held in late July. A member of Mercy Volunteer Corps must be 21 years of age or older, a high school graduate, able to work 40 hours per week at the assigned service site, able to live in an intentional community and share spirituality, and able to commit to living on a small stipend provided for personal and communal expenses.
  • Possibilities

  • References

    Please email this link to MVC's reference form to your three references: List below the three references whom you've asked to complete this form. Please do not ask relatives. If your reference would like the form as a Word document, please email
  • Note: Uploading Documents

    Documents that are successfully uploaded will appear with a red "x" next to them. Please upload documents when you are ready to submit your application as uploaded documents will not save to this page when you click "save and continue."
  • Transcripts

  • Please upload a copy of all transcripts for undergraduate and graduate work to date. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
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    Max. file size: 32 MB.
    • Resume

    • Please upload your resume as a pdf.
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      Max. file size: 32 MB.
      • Written Responses

        Mercy Volunteer Corps desires to partner with individuals who are committed to personal reflection and discernment in preparing to serve as a Mercy Volunteer. With this commitment in mind, we ask you to please share more about yourself and your life experiences in the following written responses. Your candid and thorough responses will be helpful to you and to Mercy Volunteer Corps in exploring your readiness to make a one year commitment. Please upload your responses in an attached document.
      • Why do you want to be a member of Mercy Volunteer Corps? How does one year with Mercy Volunteer Corps fit into your long term personal and professional goals? (Suggested length 1 page)
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        Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 32 MB.
        • How does MVC's mission statement resonate with your life experiences? Provide specific examples of how you have embraced EACH of the values listed in the mission statement: compassionate service, social justice, spiritual growth, and a simple lifestyle in community. How do you hope to live out the values during your year with MVC?

          MVC’s Mission Statement: “In partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, members of Mercy Volunteer Corps enter into relationship with people who are experiencing injustices, in any form. In a spirit of mutuality, volunteers cultivate mercy and justice in the world by embracing compassionate service, social justice, spiritual growth, and a simple lifestyle in community.”
          (Suggested length 2 pages)
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          Max. file size: 32 MB.
          • Give a specific example of a recent conflict between yourself and a friend, peer, or co-worker that demonstrates your typical style of communicating while in conflict. From this experience of conflict, please share an insight that you discovered about yourself.

            Describe how your behavior (particularly at work and in interpersonal relationships) is affected when under stress. How do you work through and relieve stress? How do you manage multiple responsibilities?

            For what type of work are you best suited? What skills and experience do you bring to this type of work? What do you like best about yourself? Is there anything you would like to improve while a Mercy Volunteer?
            (Suggested length 1 page)
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            Max. file size: 32 MB.
            • Autobiographical Reflection (Complete ONLY if applying for international placement in Guyana)

              The autobiography is an integral part of the application for international placement. It is intended to assist you in your discernment process and preparations for cross-cultural transition. The purpose of the questions is to guide you in reflecting on your experience in a focused way and to recognize and own those persons, places, and events that have shaped who you are today. (Suggested length for autobiography 2 pages)
            • Childhood: Where did you grow up? Describe your parent(s) and/or guardian(s). Who were other significant persons for you during this part of your life (i.e., brothers, sisters, friends, teachers)? How did you like your childhood? Were there any particularly wonderful or difficult moments during these years?

              Adolescence: Who were the significant people for you during your teen years? What were your interests? What were the life issues that emerged from this time? In what ways does this period of your life impact you now?

              Early Adulthood/Adult Life: What experiences led you to choose your present commitment? Who are the important people in your life? What motivated your decision to enter your current occupation/ministry/field of study? Describe some significant growth experiences you have had as an adult.

              Additional Questions: Describe a time in your life when you experienced transition. What was helpful to you as you transitioned (friends, family, prayer, etc.)? What did you learn about yourself during this time? How do you anticipate you will approach this transition into life as a Mercy volunteer (new culture, structure of life, people)?

              At many of our service placements, volunteers work alongside vulnerable populations often impacted by varying degrees of abuse, violence, trauma or neglect. Have you experienced any form of abuse, violence or trauma in your personal life or been exposed to it in any way? If so, how have you coped with it? In what ways has the experience affected and/or continued to affect your life?

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              Max. file size: 32 MB.
              • Signature of Authorization

                I have read the MVC Handbook in its entirety.

                I understand that securing a placement with Mercy Volunteer Corps is contingent upon a medical examination by a physician and a criminal background check performed by Mercy Volunteer Corps.

                My typed name or signature attests that the enclosed information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. While this application places no binding obligation on me or Mercy Volunteer Corps, it does indicate a serious intention on my part to join Mercy Volunteer Corps.
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