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In partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, members of Mercy Volunteer Corps (MVC) enter into relationship with people who are experiencing injustices, in any form. In a spirit of mutuality, volunteers cultivate mercy and justice in the world by embracing compassionate service, social justice, spiritual growth, and a simple lifestyle in community.

The applicant has chosen you to share more with us as we consider whether MVC and the applicant are compatible. Your candid comments will aid in our discernment process. If you would prefer to submit this form as a Word document please email

This reference, along with the complete application packet, will be reviewed by MVC staff, an application screening committee, and supervisory staff at a potential service site for the applicant.

  • Mercy Ecospirituality Center Mission Statement: To inspire reverence for Earth and to work toward the sustainability of life by acting in harmony with all creation. The space offers opportunities for reflection, education and living gently in mutual relationship with the Earth.

    ARISE Adelante Mission Statement: To promote the personal development and empowerment of the immigrant community, especially women and children through educational programs that strengthen their organized community and civic participation.

  • Characteristic Evaluation

    Please indicate which description best fits the applicant for each characteristic below. Please use the comment section at the bottom of this page to elaborate on any answer you feel would benefit from an explanation.
  • Overall Rating

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