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City Description

San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, steep hills, dense fog, cable cars and great weather. This densely populated city is full of exciting culture and things to do. Volunteers live in an apartment located in the Richmond District steps away from Golden Gate Park. They utilize public transportation to access their ministries and the downtown area. Service sites are located in the Tenderloin with a rich history of diversity and social awareness; and the Mission District, San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood home to the largest concentration of murals and the best restaurants and art galleries in the city.

Housing: apartment
Transportation: public
Number of Volunteers: 3

Service Site Descriptions

ICA Cristo Rey Academy

Mission: To empower girls from underserved communities to become confident young women able to realize their full potential by providing an excellent academic curriculum, a unique corporate work study experience and the support of our spiritual community.

ICA Cristo Rey Academy is an all-girls high school located in the Mission District of San Francisco. In keeping with the unique Cristo Rey model of academics combined with work experience, students attend classes four days a week and work in corporate office settings one day a week. A volunteer is needed to work with the campus ministry department, provide supervision and leadership for various school activities, chaperone students to and from work sites via public transportation, and engage in other support roles as volunteer abilities dictate. With appropriate certification, the opportunity to team-teach a class is also a possibility.

Site Details

Skills: Campus Ministry, Education, Support Services, Mentoring

St. Peter’s School

Mission:  To prepare students to be intelligent and responsible Christian adults who are successful in high school, college, and beyond.

St. Peter’s Elementary School is a Catholic School founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1878. Since its foundation, St. Peter’s continues to serve all economic levels of the community providing a rich academic curriculum. St. Peter’s School, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, has an enrollment of 300 students in classes K through eight. About 95% of the students come from Hispanic families. A volunteer will work as an elective co-teacher and campus ministry programs assistant, supporting all elementary teachers by helping prepare and teach the FOSS Science Program as well as serving as the point person for the USF tutoring program. The volunteer will also lend support for administration staff, supervise the school yard, do translating if possible, and assist in planning various school activities and assemblies. When the school year is finished, the volunteer will assist with a summer program during the months of June and July.

The Healing WELL

Mission: To offer calm in the storms of poverty and prejudice, mental illness, substance abuse and addiction.

The Healing WELL offers a safe and loving community where people build relationships and learn skills so they can cope with the challenges and stress in their lives and step forward into brighter futures. Through courses like Meditation, Yoga, Storytelling, and Poetry, as well as daily 12-Step Substance Abuse Support Groups, participants recover and grow. With increased self-esteem and stronger relationships with other people and the broader neighborhood, participants experience greater stability and wellness in their lives. Joining with other community partners in the impoverished but richly diverse Tenderloin District, Healing WELL dedicates itself to building community, healing wounds, and promoting justice. A volunteer is needed to join the Healing WELL team in creating a beautiful, warm, and nurturing space where participants can experience the healing power of mindfulness and acquire tools for growth. The volunteer will help arrange and engage in regular programming, manage social media presence, provide accompaniment to people with varying skills and communication abilities, and help participants find resources to enhance their healing and wellbeing.

Skills: Education, Support Services, Campus Ministry, Activity Coordination

Skills: Social Services, Activity Coordination, Hospitality, and Accompaniment


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