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Many of us come into a year of service nervous about living and working with new people; however, your community becomes your family away from home.  Your work site becomes another family, and the people you serve make you feel welcomed.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to your community members, work sites, or the Mercy Volunteer Corps staff for help.  Everyone wants you to succeed, so never think that you are alone!

“The reason I chose to do a year of service with Mercy Volunteer Corps was to build upon the service learning experiences that I had at University of Dayton and to learn how to make service not a ‘once-in-a-while’ activity, but rather a lifestyle.”

“It is refreshing to see an organization focus its energies on the needs of the population it serves, even if that means a redirect for its staff and resources in order to more effectively serve greater numbers.”

“I would say for anyone thinking about a year of service…explore it, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to say ‘its’ not for me.’ Don’t be afraid to say ‘it is for me.’ Don’t be afriad to consider some type of meaningful service 10 years from now. Don’t forget that you can do it at some other point in your life as well.”

“Teaching here at Detroit Cristo Rey High School is one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken. It also is one of the most rewarding. I teach Government to seniors, and as I have never had any teaching experience before (not even a teaching class in college), it has definitely been an uphill battle at some points. But it rocks.”

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