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Staff Spotlight: Chris Davidson

This week at MVC we decided to interview a member of our staff, Chris Davidson! Chris, an aspiring architect, graduated from Catholic University and completed a year-long service program in New Jersey. Chris joined the MVC staff in 2013 as the Community Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region and Recruitment. Chris is a broom ball champion, loves cheeseburgers, and cannot live without… cheeseburgers. When asked what his hidden talent was Chris responded “I’m really good at Karaoke.”

On a more serious note, we asked Chris a few questions about the MVC application process and his job as a Recruitment Coordinator. Here is the interview…

1. What is your favorite part about being a recruiter for Mercy Volunteer Corps?

I love the opportunity to talk to people who are passionate about service and justice. Whether it is through email, on the phone, on college campuses, or on our webinars, the interaction is wonderful. I love hearing about the great things people have already done and their aspirations for the future; both they’re own and the world’s.

2. Many potential volunteers fill out applications for more than one program. Why should the MVC application be a priority if there is a rolling acceptance?

Rolling acceptance means there might still be some spots available in May.  It also means all of the spots might be filled in March. Applying early increases the chances that an applicant’s most desired placement is still available. While we do walk with applicants throughout the process, we simply cannot add more placements because a qualified person applied later in the year.

3. If you could tell someone who was ‘on the fence’ about filling out an application for MVC one thing what would it be?

I will tell them to consider how life would look after serving for a year with MVC. You will have one year of experience working in the non-profit world serving those who are poor or marginalized. You will have spent one year growing spiritually while living in intentional community. You will have spent one year learning to live simply. You will have built dozens of relationships, if not more, in your community. You will be transformed. Who wouldn’t want to apply for that?

4. What makes an applicant stand out?

The ideal applicant is someone that has a passion for service and justice and can show it. That might be in their application essays or during an interview. However, we are not looking for ‘fixers.’ We are looking for people who can build relationships with those who are poor and marginalized. Applicants stand out when they can share the story of how they are changed and how they will use that experience to better the world.

5. What does MVC offer college graduates in terms of experience and benefits? How do you think this differs from other programs?

MVC is the chance to spend a year serving at a non-profit agency. This might be in a field you have always wanted to work, or this might be something entirely new. It is an opportunity to put what you’ve learned in college to good use. MVC has placements for those on the professional track: teachers, nurses, social workers, etc., but we also have plenty of positions for those who simply have the desire to help those most in need.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Chris! If you have any additional questions for Chris, specifically for the application process or MVC recruitment, feel free to email him at:

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