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Dear Future Mercy Volunteer: Practice Reflection

Dear Future Mercy Volunteer,

You are about to spend a year sharing in other people’s tragedies and moments of crisis, so making time to laugh during this year is really important. Make sure to have fun both at work and with your community. Working with and coming home to a support system that is able to laugh together really helps keep up morale and compassion.

Start a daily practice, perhaps on your way home, of reflection on what you did at your site that day. Think of what you did well and what you did not do your best on. Let those daily reflections on your highs and lows help you to improve at your service site. Could you learn more about services your program provides? That other programs provide? Are you balancing your deadlines with the ever-constant and immediate needs of those you serve? Do you help and encourage your co-workers? Do you ask them for help and encouragement when you need it? These are all questions to ask yourself if no single moment jumps out as great or needing improvement.

Invite community growth by simply spending time with other community members. Sit in the common area instead of your room for a little while every day. Have community calendar, literally or figuratively, of events each month. Early on in the year, explore your new home together. Find the grocery store, library, park, and anything else you can think of together.

Have a great year!

Sarah Schech: Sacramento

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