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Good Things Happen In Community

This year, with all the limitations of life during a global pandemic, I feel very grateful for the constant companionship of two wonderful community members. Although we all struggle with the many difficulties of doing a year of service during this arduous time, the supportive nature of our community makes all those challenges so much more manageable. Together, we make our own fun – impromptu photo shoots, haircuts, homemade ramen nights, and heated conversations about dating in a pandemic. My community makes being stuck at home not feel like being stuck at all.

I have learned so much from these two lovely individuals. Our many deep conversations about emotional struggles are balanced out with hours of belly aching laughter, making all of our quality time spent together meaningful and enjoyable. I could not ask for two better people to go through such a tumultuous year with. Thank you Wen and Sarah for everything you bring to our little community. 

Chloe Corkery: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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