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A Year Of Trial and Error

Throughout my year here there have been many ups and downs, being of service is not always easy. I have to say that thanks to my wonderful Community members this year has been unforgettable. As I look back on this year, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 months! I still remember the first time my housemates and I went down to the Sacramento River for a spirituality night.

The Sacramento River at sunset is one of my favorite spots. We have gone down to the River a few times for Spirituality Night, and those are always special for me. Spirituality night in our community is something that is very important to us. This one night a week allows us all to settle our thoughts from the craziness of our days and spend some time together in reflection.

Here in Sacramento we have been fortunate enough to receive Sacramento Kings tickets every now and then. My housemate Kelly and I were able to go to the Kings vs. Trail Blazer Game. I was the only one in the section rooting for the Blazers since I am from Oregon, and unfortunately we lost that night!

Fast Forward a few months and it is already time for the Mid-year Retreat. Our retreat was located at Moss Beach, just south of San Francisco, and the Arizona girls joined us!

This weekend was a great time to reflect on our year so far, and it is always nice to catch up with other Mercy Volunteers.

The first week of March as a Community we decided that we would take a mini vacation to Point Reyes, CA. We stayed in a hostel and it was absolutely gorgeous. We did a lot of hiking, and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine that California has to offer.

This photo was at the middle of our 9 mile hike. The hike takes you to the end of this peninsula, and as you hike you can see coyotes and lots of elk. I highly recommend that everyone go on this hike because, while you hike, the Pacific Ocean is on one side and the bay is on the other. When we went on this hike it was the season where whales migrate, and we were fortunate enough to see some whale spouts. We also saw an Elephant Seal taking a nice nap on the beach. As we headed home we drove through a Redwood Forest.

It was a wonderful little vacation, and a nice break from the city life of Sacramento. Today, I sit here in my office thinking about my next 4 months, and while I’m not ready to leave, I hope they are filled with as much adventure as the first 7 months were!

Meaghan Usselman, Sacramento, CA


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