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What is Mercy?

From the very beginning of my Mercy Volunteer year, I have been challenged to discover what mercy means to me. We first discussed it as a community during orientation in Pittsburgh and that discussion has stuck with me. We thought of the more formal list of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, all things that we would have the opportunity to practice and grow in at our respective service sites. Beyond those lists, we also talked about broad ideas of forgiveness and understanding, journeys of healing and growth, and the graces that are present in our daily lives. Throughout this year, now coincidentally named the Year of Mercy by Pope Francis, I have reflected often on how God’s mercy is shown to me and how I show it to others.

Mercy is…

Creating a hospitable space for all.
Generosity of heart and soul.
Listening without judgement.
Spreading peace in a broken world.
Trusting in one another.
Loving those who have hurt you.
A journey of ups and downs.
Patience for when things don’t go as planned.
Gratitude for the small moments.
Hope that we can all find healing.
Believing in the goodness of every individual.
Seeing God in all things.

To each of my Maryhouse and Loaves & Fishes coworkers, thank you for teaching me how to show Mercy and love to each person who visits the corner of North C Street. You are my ultimate example of God’s work in this world.

Bekah Kornblum, Loaves and Fishes, Sacramento, CA


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  1. Bekah,
    I really like your “Mercy is…” It makes mercy real! Blessings in he rest of your MVC year in Sacramento.
    Sister Judy Carle

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