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Someone’s Trust: Fostering Healing & Hope

The most rewarding aspect of my workday is the moment I realize I have gained a patient’s trust. It’s a special flavor of success to see the fearful toddler hiding behind mommy’s legs become an enthusiastic chatterbox while I take her vitals, or to hear a baby’s heartbeat slow down as he realizes it’s not too bad being in my arms. It’s a different taste of leadership to help a teenager navigate the changes in their body when they have barely begun to navigate the changes in their lives that brought them here.

Serving as a medical assistant at a foster care agency in Brooklyn, I care for a unique and particularly vulnerable population whose resilience inspires me to become a source of healing and hope. Every day is a reminder that someone’s trust is a gift and an opportunity to make their world a better place.

Davin Lee: New York, New York

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