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Season of Transition: Serving Graciously & Listening Intentionally

When I decided to volunteer for a year of service, I hoped that I would be immersed in a transformative experience, and I most certainly am. As a legal assistant at Catholic Migration Services (CMS), I am blessed to work with incredible clients full of hope and gratitude. Their kindness and generosity flow freely despite the circumstances they left and the long journey ahead. Similarly, the team at CMS works diligently to advocate for the well-being of its clients, even when the work can take an emotional toll. While these encounters are more pronounced, I am surprised by the subtle transformations happening in my life as well.

Moving to a new city to work in a new discipline means finding a new rhythm; learning the harmony between the city’s happenings and my own needs and desires requires patience and continual fine-tuning. While this period of adjustment is a step in a much longer journey, it is not merely a means to an end. The process of adjusting is a willful decision to listen, especially amid the ambient noise. Without listening, the changes are random: maybe they’ll work, and maybe they won’t. However, by setting aside time to listen deliberately, the Holy Spirit reveals wounds and places of brokenness as well as sources of joy. This type of truthful reflection allows us to accept God’s Mercy and to rejoice at His love for us. Redeemed through Christ’s perfect and eternal sacrifice of Himself, we are called into kinship and community where we can delight in the Goodness of God and share the outpouring of His love to those around us. The willingness to sit in discomfort and seek Truth encourages me to seek God more fully and to draw near to Him through the gift of the sacraments.

This reflection on change and transition seems exceedingly appropriate as I enjoy my first real fall. The change of the seasons brings out beautiful colors that were hidden within the leaves all along. When the environment is sufficiently altered, we are able to view what was hidden; and, it is beautiful. Thus, I am extremely grateful for this season of transition and discovery of what lays waiting just under the surface. This altered environment is a beautiful opportunity to reveal previously hidden parts of my soul and to trust in God’s ability to continually bring forth beauty.

Hannah Kurowski: New York, New York

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