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Unexpected Gems in Charm City

I had a lot of expectations coming into the year. I got my position here in Baltimore pre-pandemic and I had a few blissful days of dreaming before COVID regulations set in. I expected to be exploring Baltimore’s attractions and…

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Learning Who is Us

My time with Mercy has been a sum of gorgeous peaks and challenging valleys, as, I suppose, all of life is.    It took me several weeks to settle into the flow of Baltimore and to feel established in my service…

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A Change in Perspective

The past few months of service have changed my perspective on almost everything in life. They have made me realize a few things I took for granted and a few things I have never noticed before... Since I am physically…

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The Human Behind The Diagnosis

From the moment I stepped into Mercy Medical Center, I knew it was a special place. You can just feel the spirit of Mercy in the air and experience it in the interactions with employees, however big or small. Many…

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