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Meeting the Sisters of Mercy

Before I attended Mercy Volunteer Corps’ orientation, the only encounter I had had with religious sisters was through movies (The Sound of Music and Sister Act to be exact!).  When I arrived in New York, “Sr. Maureen” was scheduled to pick me up for my first day of work.  At the time, I thought maybe “Sr.” stood for “senior” or was an abbreviation for her job title at the agency.  Since that day, my encounters with religious sisters have completely changed and this year certainly would not be the same without the sisters that I work with, especially Sr. Maureen.

I work in the Youth Development department at MercyFirst foster care agency in Brooklyn. There are three Sisters of Mercy who work at the agency: Sr. Margret, Sr. Linda, and Sr. Maureen. These sisters have gone above and beyond to make my community member Nicole and I feel welcome at MercyFirst.  They take us out to lunch once a month, which is always something Nicole and I look forward to, especially being on a tight budget. They are always introducing us to other sisters, inviting us to events, and checking in with us at work.  Through the time I have spent with them, I have been able to see their compassion, willing spirits, and mercy shine through at the agency.  They carry on the rich history of MercyFirst and the Sisters of Mercy by caring for each person that crosses their path, no matter the circumstances, and they are a unifying force within the staff at MercyFirst.

I would like to say thank you to the Sisters of Mercy for supporting us throughout this year and especially thank you to Sr. Maureen, Sr. Linda, and Sr. Margret for supporting Nicole and me on our New York adventure! Not only has it been an eye-opening and life-changing year, but my experience with religious sisters has certainly changed forever!

Kaitlin Dinkelacker: MercyFirst, NYC

Photo Featured above from Left to Right: Sr. Linda, Nicole, Kaitlin, Sr. Margret, and Sr. Maureen at the MercyFirst Staff Banquet


NYC Mercy Volunteer Community

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