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Three Words: Year of Service

A year of service…a year of giving back to the ones that need it the most, a year of sacrifices, a year of growth, a year of challenges, and a year of valuable experiences. A year of service is so much more than those three words. For me, my year of service has challenged me in ways I never thought it would but has also rewarded me in countless ways.

I never thought that in such a short amount of time I would love and care for my group of Kindergarten through second graders as much as I do. These kids are the ones that have kept me going for the past months. In the times that I feel like I am doing nothing right, or that I should just walk away, I lean on them. They are the people who can turn my mediocre day into the best day with just one hug, one funny comment or one aha moment when we’re working on homework. When nothing seems to be going right, I focus on what this year is all about for me..the service. The service is what brought me here and the service is why I stay.

Nothing compares to the moments when I can watch my kids succeed in school, to watch them interact and laugh with one another, and to have them come to me in times of failure and in times of success. Although most days are far from perfect, I keep in mind why I am here and the impact that I am (hopefully) having in these kids lives, and the impact that they have on mine.

So, to those little humans that make my life a little crazier..thank you for showing me what a year of service is all about.

Lizzie Torrance: New York City

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  1. Yes,Elizabeth life is a full circle and you have made a definite impact on those little ones. Your energy,enthusiasm, and devotion to those little ones will impact them the rest of their lives. I am very proud of your devotion to the program. and you will be a better person for your involvement and experience. Keep that positive attitude and you will have a fun fulfilled life. Peace!! Corky

  2. What wonderful, heartening sentiments!! Thank you, and all who worked with you for sharing your year in the best way possible; service for others! Especially meaningful when you are influencing young children. They will remember more than you will ever realize about their experience with you as their teacher

    Bless you!

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