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Love, Kinship, & Desire For Change

John Duns Scotus, a medieval philosopher and theologian, coined the term haecceity. Pronounced hah-chay-ah-tee, it is a term that represents or symbolizes the ‘thisness’ of something, the uniqueness of each thing that exists. Each aspect of God’s creation is unique and special, and this term allows one to view all of creation as beautiful and worthy. 

When I look at each student at my service site, I see a profound uniqueness in each of them. I find a sense of wonder and amazement at how each of these individuals contains such an immense amount of courage, curiosity, compassion, and an awareness of themselves and those around them. 

This term haecceity is the embodiment of my students, the embodiment of them as unique individuals who form such a unique community. I learn from them more and more each day, more than I think they learn from me. We are accompanying each other on this journey filled with love, kinship, and a desire for change.

Lauren Scheunemann: Detroit, Michigan

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