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Walking in Mercy at Mercy Ecospirituality Center

I sense
the unevenness of the earth beneath the uniform surface of the grass
the caress of the gentle breeze
the warmth of the sun on the back of my neck
the coolness of the shade embracing me
the constant welcome of the birds in the trees
the vibrant blue sky filling my heart
the crunch of the lone pine cone in the meadow beneath my foot
The playfulness of the butterflies in the field

I wonder how I ever forgot
what this is like
my soul longs to awaken
to remember
what our ancestors once knew
and lived

I give thanks
to be in this place
with these people
on this land
at this time

I saw two beautiful dragonflies by the pond today
they stopped long enough for me to delight in their bright blue bodies
what a gift they are to show themselves to me
to stop long enough for me to notice
and enjoy their presence
Did Cindy’s Dad Clark send them to greet me?
Surely he is here with us now in this holy land

Chris Thompson: Benson, Vermont

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