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The Value of Living at Mercy Ecospirituality Center

Living at Mercy Ecospirituality Center (MEC) was amazing and allowed us to experience life on a small farm amongst the animals, gardens, meadows, and Cosmic Walk. Our days started early and it was nice not to have to drive off property except for the day we went to work on the local organic farm, Foggy Meadow. Living onsite gave us more time to get to know Sr. Betty and Kayla better. I loved being able to walk out the door and get to work right away in the gardens, barn or in the retreat center. We got the opportunity to explore the property and take walks through the meadow and around the pond during our time off. Being able to utilize the chapel, library or art room in the retreat center was also a treat. The center is so beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming. We were surrounded by God’s creation and it didn’t take long before it felt like home!

While volunteering at MEC, I have gained a whole new understanding of where my food comes from and how it is grown. Eating the produce picked that day was so different from the “fresh” food I thought I was buying in the grocery store. Eating foods in season will ensure that I’m eating the freshest and probably most flavorful. Having worked with a local farmer and seeing the connection they have with the Earth and crops, inspired me to prioritize buying from local farmers and farmers markets. I loved the fact that we did not waste any food this summer – it was eaten by us or the animals or composted – and I hope to begin composting back home as well. Living in a condo in the city is quite different from living at MEC but this experience has inspired me to explore nearby community garden plots that I hope to rent for next year. I saw that planning out a menu and harvesting or purchasing just what you need for the week really cuts down on food waste and I am implementing that practice as well.

Cindy Thompson: Benson, Vermont

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